President Obama Steals The Show At The White House Correspondents' Dinner

Jay Leno was supposed to be the comedian at last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner, but his act didn't hold up after a hilarious speech given by the President himself, who took on everyone from Sarah Palin to Snooki.


It's a 38 minute clip, but worth watching, as the speech is consistently hilarious, or at least it is until about 17 minutes in, when President Obama leaves the stage and Jay Leno takes over. For those of you who can't watch the video, the Chicago Sun-Times has a full transcript here.

A Mocking Obama At The White House Correspondents' Dinner [Sun-Times]

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This is the most surreal thing to come out of this presidency: that our president makes the same jokes that Jon Stewart and Tina Fey and I do.

Maybe I was too young during the last presidency, but I am totally surprised by his knowledge of pop culture and his self-awareness as the POTUS. It's can say that?? You are allowed to make jokes and self-reference and roast people like that?

I much prefer this (weird as it feels) to Bush's supposed fratboy smarmy charm. But it's the same thing, isn't it? That whole "I can relate to you," deal. It's just that now I can relate to the POTUS.