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President Obama Slow-Jammed the News With The Roots, What Did You Do Today?

The only thing I can say: will we ever have another president who will mic drop so elegantly and get all Barry White like that in the best possible way?

Advertisement, America, we won’t.

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Image via NBC/YouTube.

Contributor, Jezebel

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As I watched Obama on Jimmy Fallon, I reflected on what a pleasure it is to think about all the racists whose panties are all in a twist because Obama has been such a successful president.

Even more important, the fact is that our country not only elected him, but reelected him. I’m trying to remember offhand which conservative legislator — Tom Coburn? — said that he disagrees with Obama on most policies, but he too is glad that we as a country elected him.

I wonder if he’ll grow out his ‘fro starting next January….