President Obama Needs To Be Consistent (With His Dog)

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Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan (who does not work with Bo Obama) has observed the First Dog's behavior, and he is not pleased.


Given that most of our footage of the First Dog came from Day 1 — when he was, not incidentally, surrounded by lights, cameras and strangers — it seems a bit unfair to critique his behavior based on that one incident. And yet, Milan tells Sunday Morning, "Day one was not a good scene...The dog always in front of the president of the United States." Bush, he said, was just as bad: "He walked the dog in front...Barney? Sometimes he didn't want to go inside the helicopter!" Well, what dog would?

Perhaps Milan is peeved that the POTUS didn't take his unsolicited advice back when they first family adopted the Portuguese Water Dog. And we must say, as political advice goes, it was pretty sound, in retrospect:

Establish leadership from day one! Start off with a nice, long walk. This is the best way to bond with the new dog. Make sure Bo is next to you or behind you. Canine pack leaders walk in front. Establish rules, boundaries and leadership right from the start, and be consistent. Don't send Bo a mixed message. Then, at the end of the day when he is in resting mode, you can share all that affection you've been storing up! By starting off right, the family can help prevent bad behavior down the road, such as excessive barking, leash-pulling or biting White House reporters.


Cesar Milan: President Obama Needs To Train Bo [Politico]

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I was in DC this past weekend and saw Bo being walked (sans leash) on the South Lawn, on Friday! I took this picture! The two guys out with him brought him up to the fence, and a few people got to pet him (as much as they could by sticking their fingers through the fence) — he was really patient, then just ambled off. He is so cute, I just wanna scritch his ears and rub those paws, nom.

(ETA: Yes, I read the article, but I just had to squee about Bo for a minute. He was really patient and seemed to mind the two guys very well, even though he was off leash.)