President Obama Made A Little Boy Cry

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Nothing sinister! Obama just didn't see the boy waiting for a handshake, and walked past him. Senator Harry Reid spotted the child, asked what was wrong, and got Obama to return. Cute, but still: file under "decline of manliness, evidence."


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When I was 10 and Clinton was President, my family was invited to a press dinner at the White House (I wish I could tell you more than that, but I really don't remember what it was) - my dad is pretty high up in the newspaper world.

Anyway, I wanted his autograph on the invitation for that night. I made my way up with the invite and a pen, and one of my dad's friends stopped me and told me he wasn't signing autographs. I immediately burst into tears and ran back to my parents, who were appalled. They told me to go try again, so I wiped my face and asked, "Does it look like I've been crying?" Yes, duh, but they told me no. I went back up and asked him in a tiny shy voice if he would sign it, and he did. I think I'm the only person who got an autograph that night, and I'm not ashamed to say that it was because I was a little girl. Still have the autograph, still proud of it. And Clinton was really, really nice about it, too.

Also, my dad accidentally dropped a mini round cracker during Clinton's speech and it rolled up toward him. The SS gave him the stink-eye and it is forever hilarious.