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President Obama Gets the Stoner Endorsement in New Harold & Kumar DNC Ad

In a bold attempt at youth outreach, President Barack Obama has released a new ad for Live From Charlotte — a web-only show targeted towards young voters that with air live from the Democratic Convention — that features him making a very serious and important call to the show's host, none other than Harold & Kumar's Kal Penn. John Cho (A.K.A Harold) is keeping Penn company on the other end of the line, along with a big pile of munchies and a very stoned disposition.


Penn has been working with the White House as an Asian community liaison since the 2008 election. Will they be extending his title to Head of Stoner Outreach as well?

President Obama's Campaign Unveils 'Harold & Kumar' Commercial [The Hollywood Reporter]

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This is ridiculous. This man has done less than nothing for the 'stoner' community. A two-minute Google search is all that's required to prove that this is just empty rhetoric.

Federal authorities under the Obama administration have been increasingly hostile to state medical-marijuana laws, with at least 120 raids and more than 55 arrests since 2009. The four U.S. attorneys in California sent formal warnings to dozens of dispensaries in October, and the U.S. attorney in Spokane effectively closed the aboveground dispensary market with letters, raids and four prosecutions. - Seatle Times

I do wish that people who write stories about him would at least treat him honestly according to his actions and not simply run PR-pieces for the White House as news items.

Oh and before the Obama-apologists start screaming about how he's "better" than Mitt, you're right. He is. And yet he will also do nothing on these issues and he's getting paid by the same people to push the same policies, wars and attack on civil liberties. In the States, you have two choices, Corporate-Military Theocracy and Corporate-Military-Theocracy- LITE.

Have a nice day.