Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Alright pals, I have reviewed your entries, all of which look delectable. If I had participation trophies to distribute, you would each receive one. But of course, we can only have one Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich champion.

So without further ado, please congratulate ShezzalovesWatson for her most excellent submission.

To enjoy this sandwich to the maximum, you should procure some brioche buns. Then, follow Shezza’s instructions:

“Mix cranberry/orange relish with cream cheese, spread on toasted bun, layer on turkey, stuffing that has been warmed with a bit of gravy on top for moistness, and add a final layer of field greens. Eat with a side of sweet potatoes.”


The cream cheese really cinched it for me. I’ll also submit that a side of mashed potatoes would also work quite well for the simple reason that they are my favorite food of all time and should—I would argue—be consumed as often as possible.

Thanks for playing, my babies! (And Shezza, if you have a picture of your marvelous creation, please do post it in the comments.)


You may now return to your regularly scheduled program of leftovers and Gilmore Girls.