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Pregnant Woman Gives Birth After Fighting Off Mugger

Illustration for article titled Pregnant Woman Gives Birth After Fighting Off Mugger

A Michigan woman fought off a man trying to steal her purse and then gave birth just a few hours later.


On Thursday, Sept. 11, a Flint woman named Kristen Thompson was in the parking lot of her local Kroger, filling her car up with groceries. Thompson, who who was nine months pregnant at the time, said that's when an ABSOLUTE TOTAL JERK attacked her, ripped off her purse and tried to run off. She chased after him and tried to confront him and he pushed her down (DAMN), according to ABC 12. Thompson, a mother of two (now three) children, said her purse contained too many important things to give up that easily:

"My purse is my life. It has everything and anything that you can need, possible. Comes down to bills, the kids' insurance cards," she said.

She says it never crossed her mind that she was nine months pregnant and possibly couldn't keep up with the man. Turns out, she was pretty quick and he was slow.

As awful as it was that the man attacked a pregnant women, Thompson says he took it even further.

"We got around the corner on Krogers, and he pushed me down," she said. She has the scrapes to prove it, and now her alleged attacker has some, too.


She said a group of friends were nearby, playing basketball so she yelled for them to help her. They jumped in and were able to get her purse back, restraining the suspect, Mark Newton, until police arrived. Then, Thompson realized something else was happening.

"Sent me right into labor. Soon as I got up, I was having contractions," she said. Five hours later, after an emergency C-section, Joseph was safely in his mother's arms.

"His name is Joseph Alan Alexander-Thompson. He weighs 7lbs, 7 oz," Thompson said. "He's the cutest thing in the world. He's such a ham. In the hospital, all the nurses loved him 'cause he was the cutest baby on the floor."

Thompson told ABC she believes the mugger thought she would be an easy target as a pregnant woman. "I asked him, I was like, 'Out of everybody in that parking lot, you're going to pick on me? Why would you do that?' He had nothing to say," Thompson said.

As for the suspect, he is sitting in jail, probably rethinking some things. Via MLive:

Newton, 30, was arrested and arraigned on one count of unarmed robbery, police said. He was being held on $8,000 bond awaiting his preliminary exam, which was scheduled for Sept. 24, according to Flint District Court Records.


You can see an interview with Thompson here.

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"My purse is my life. It has everything and anything that you can need, possible. Comes down to bills, the kids' insurance cards," she said.

THIS. Every time I hear someone say that you ought to just hand over your wallet or purse to someone who demands it, my blood boils. In addition to the fact that it FUCKING BELONGS TO ME AND NOT YOU, my purse/wallet/phone contain a humongous amount of data and organization that keeps my and my family's lives in order. Which will get dumped and trashed while the thief has sour grapes over the entire $4.61 s/he manages to get for all that hard work. And have fun with those credit cards! I think the green one might still have about $20 available, but not after the 20th!