A Pregnant Teenager Died Trying to Climb US Border Wall

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Donald Trump’s border wall will no doubt be an unerasable stain on the already sullied history of American immigration policies. Beyond the fact that it is itself a monument to racism, it’s proven to be dangerous not just ideologically, but also in practice.


According to The Independent, a pregnant 19-year old from Guatemala was attempting to climb the border wall when she fell to her death last week. Miriam Estefany Giron Luna, who was attempting to cross the border into Texas, was 30 weeks pregnant at the time of her fall, which neither she nor the child survived.

Acting commissioner of US Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan, said on Thursday that Giron Luan’s fall was “an example of the truth” of what’s going on at the border. A truth that, in November of 2019, Jared Kusher suggested we broadcast on the internet via live stream. She fell, apparently, from the top of the wall while trying to make her way down.

The child’s father, Dilver Israel Diaz Garcia, who had already descended, came into contact with US Border Patrol, who called an ambulance to the scene.

Giron Luna’s death is not an isolated incident; the report notes that at least five other Guatemalans have incurred serious injuries while attempting to cross the border. Injuries, like Giron Luna’s death, that could have been avoided were it not for the Trump administration’s erratic and inhumane immigration policies.

According to Tekandi Paniagua, a Guatemalan consular official, Giron Luna and others would have likely turned themselves in to seek asylum via the appropriate networks, but considering the United States’ current immigration policies, those attempting to cross the border feel they have fewer and fewer options left.

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Anyone who doesn’t feel a gut punch at each and every death that occurs at our borders needs to go to hell.

I hate the wall, and no doubt it is a monument to racism. But, this is just a new way to die at our borders. How many pay attention to the migrant camps where people are dying of preventable disease. How many pay attention to the people who die of thirst trying to cross the deserts? How many pay attention to the rapes and horror that occur on migrant trains? Or drownings?

These are all human beings. And THIS IS NOT NEW.

Guess the date of this drawing about dying of thirst in the Southwestern deserts while trying to get into the US?

Fucking 1891. It was the Chinese that we excluded in those days, later it was Mexicans, and now it’s South Americans. Same shit different day, different way. And it all needs to stop!

Listen, I’m not saying open borders, or let everyone in. I’m saying we can do this in safe, humane, and practical ways.

FUCK everyone who doesn’t care about each and every life lost.