Pregnant Smoking Mom Is the New Botox Mom

This week BBC3's answer to Teen MomMisbehaving Mums To Be—featured a 20-year-old who said smoking 3500 cigarettes while pregnant made her baby stronger. Smoking Mom is the new Botox Mom!


No, seriously: After going on the TV show, Charlie Wilcox did a photo shoot with freakshow photo broker Barcroft Media. (Botox Mom also worked with a "broker.") Then the Daily Mail purchased the pictures and an interview. (Mail competitor The Sun purchased Botox Mom's story.) Good Morning America is probably readying a $10,000 check as we speak.

Welcome to our brave new bad mommy economy. Screwing up your offspring is a legitimate career option! Well, more so than usual, at least. [Daily Mail]



The "stronger" bit is rubbish, but smoking doesn't cause severe adverse health effects on fetuses.

Alcohol, by contrast, is incredibly dangerous, and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of fetal defects and disorders, including debilitating brain injuries resulting in mild or severe intellectual disabilities.

IMO, there ought to be laws strictly prohibiting pregnant women from consuming alcohol of any kind, and of any amounts.