Pregnancé Sits For Another Interview, Belly Stays Inflated

This morning GMA gave us a sneak preview of Katie Couric's big interview with a very-pregnant Pregnancé, and it's clear the expecting diva is over the moon about the child she's about to bring into this world — it's also very clear that her belly wasn't collapsing, and that B is indeed pregnant (duh). Couric, meanwhile, spends most of the interview swooning over the glowing mom-to-be because, well, who wouldn't? Beyoncé's glowing; she makes the whole thing look fabulous.



Her talking voice is so cool! Never heard it before. So pretty as a kid too. Talking about not "losing oneself" or not "going crazy" during pregnancy (= not eating whatever one wants) really effing sucks though. What the hell was that?! Excuse me while I vomit.

(edited because of typo)