Preemie Ward Denies Running "Beauty Salon" • Divorce Most Likely In Reno

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• In a response to allegations of substandard care at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center's neonatal ICU, county health officials said "nail and eyebrow services" were provided by hospital staff, but it was never "on the scale of a beauty salon."


• The report found that "allegations of a wax warmer pot, waxing services of any kind, manicuring on the high frequency ventilator and or the smell of acetone permeating the back of the NICU are unsubstantiated," but people were getting beauty treatments in rooms adjoining the neonatal intensive care unit. While officials insisted that Olive View "is appropriately providing care to its neonatal population," they also admitted that staffers have temporarily injured babies by dropping one from a scale and making medication errors. • A Massachusetts man has been accused of offering to give his 3-month-old daughter to a maintenance man at a gas station convenience store in exchange for two 40-oz beers. The man called the police and the girl was taken into state custody. • 22-year-old Bonita Norris has become the youngest British woman to climb Mount Everest. "I feel like I'm on top of the world too, I'm so proud," said her mother. "She'd never climbed a mountain, not even Snowdon. She set her sights high and thought ‘I'm not going to mess around.'" • Meanwhile, 20-year-old Laura Hall, the first British woman banned from drinking alcohol in public, was fined for drinking beer with friends on a street designated as an alcohol-free zone. • The BBC issued an apology today after a radio host told listeners that Queen Elizabeth II had died and played the national anthem, then announced later that he was referring to a Facebook user with the same name as the Queen. • Yesterday a Washington State barista plead guilty to prostitution for licking whipped cream off a co-worker while wearing a bikini. She was sentenced to 20 days in jail and ordered to work fully clothed in the future. • According to Men's Health, you're most likely to divorce if you live in Reno, Nevada; Little Rock, Arkansas; Charlotte, North Carolina; or Tulsa, Oklahoma. To rank the cities the mag looked at, "the rate of failed marriages, the stringency of divorce laws, the percentage of the population who've split, and the number of licensed marriage and family therapists." Another risk factor: Spouses taking tips from dumb magazine articles.

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Why would a maintenance man at a gas station want a three month old baby? How is that a fair trade? "Listen buddy just give me 2 forties and you can take care of this little thing for another 17 years and 9 months! She poops her pants and cries a lot but if you slip a little whiskey in her bottle she sleeps pretty soundly!"