Predictable: Sarah Palin, Carrie Prejean New BFFs

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  • Sarah Palin has issued a statement backing Carrie Prejean and saying she knows what it's like to experience "the liberal onslaught of malicious attacks." [Politico]
  • Speaking of Governor Palin, Levi Johnston's mother Sherry now says there are absolutely no problems between her and the Palins. Completely unrelated: Her case is scheduled to go to trial next week. [People]
  • The names of 6 potential Supreme Court nominees are out, and they are pretty much who everyone thought they were. [Associated Press]
  • Obama now plans to try to keep pictures of abused detainees secret, absurdly claiming that the Bushies didn't try hard enough. Change you can believe in! [Politico]
  • Speaking of torture, former President Bill Clinton thinks Cheney should go back to shooting people in the face. [ThinkProgress]
  • Cheney spoke at the hilariously-titled "Intelligence Squared" roundtable and alleged there's a conspiracy to prevent the United States from invading Iran. Yeah, Dick, a conspiracy made up of everyone but your sycophants. [Politico]
  • Lindsey Graham has inadvertently told the truth: The Senator admitted that Republicans see the rule of law as a nicety they can't really afford. [Huffington Post]
  • Lindsey also thinks torture is effective because it's been around so long. [ThinkProgress]
  • The GOP has decided that for all of Rush Limbaugh's bullshit, it is going to try to recruit some moderate candidates so it can regain a modicum of power in 2010. In 2012, the Club for Growth and Americans for Tax Reform will go back to supporting hyper-conservative candidates in the primaries and electing Democrats. [Associated Press]
  • Obama gave his ASU speech. Not surprisingly, he doesn't hold a grudge and, as is typical with graduation speeches, he said basically nothing. [NY Times]
  • Hillary Clinton, for her part, quoted A League of Their Own in her commencement speech. [NY Magazine]
  • Really? The State Department is paying some of its employees abroad so poorly that they go street begging after hours to feed their kids. [CNN]



Graham then made the puzzling claim that since torture has been used for half a millenium, it "apparently" is useful:

The Vice President is suggesting that there was good information obtained, and I'd like the committee to get that information. Let's have both sides of the story here. I mean, one of the reasons these techniques have survived for about 500 years is apparently they work.

Former FBI interrogator Ali Soufan responded, "Because, sir, there's a lot of people who don't know how to interrogate, and it's easier to hit somebody than outsmart them."

The Republican Party: If We Can't Outsmart You, We'll Just Hit You.