Precocious TV Critic Manages to Sit Still Long Enough to Review an Episode of Doctor Who

If you’re lagging behind in your Doctor Who viewing, you might not want to watch diminutive television critic Lindalee Rose’s review of “The Bells of Saint John” episode because, at a mere four years old, Lindalee has not yet learned the concept of SPOILER ALERT. It’s okay — she has plenty of time to hone her critical instincts, and she’s already way more endearing than young Jude Law was when he was acting like an insufferably erudite child critic. Plus, Lindalee delivers one of the best lines ever when she begins her review: “So, the doctor was dressed up like a Jedi.” Congratulations, Lindalee, you have learned the first rule of pop culture criticism — casual reference-making.


via The Mary Sue

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