Praise Be, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Out and About Following Cancer Treatment

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has answered our prayers to please, please keep going, making her first public appearance just a few days after receiving radiation for a cancerous tumor on her pancreas. The woman is 86-years-old and still more spry than the average teenager in the dumb country she’s made it her life’s work to protect.

Ginsburg left her bed to accept an honorary law degree from the University at Buffalo School of Law, where reports say she seemed to be in good spirits. Good spirits are good! Can’t fake good spirits!

“I am now 86 years old, yet people of all ages want to take their picture with me—amazing,” she said during her speech. Humor! That’s our Ruth!


While many women her age are living out their final days in front of their favorite television programs, Ruth here is doing deadlifts and remaining of sound enough mind to continue to hold back the forces that hope to ban abortion.

Maybe instead of asking to take a picture with her, her fans should ask her what it’s like to have a major part of the U.S. (and probably the world) fervently praying for her to stave off death? I sincerely hope the enormous pressure we’re putting on her does not do her in.

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She (and a bunch of Secret Service agents) walked past me last month.

I’m glad that she’s doing great.