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Pour One Out for Your Horrible Menstrual Cramps

If music is supposed to be a reflection of life's most profound experiences (love, death and calling someone, maybe), then musicians — at least, lady musicians — have continually skipped over a pretty big one in women's lives. While there have been many a song about "goin' out tonight an' feelin' alright," there have been few devoted to one of our most prominent and continual inconveniences, the menstrual cycle. Luckily, Lil' Maxi (A.K.A. Toronto theater duo Pomme Is French for Apple) is hear to fix that with "I Flow Heavy." Plug up and have a listen.


[Pomme Is French for Apple]

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Dodai Stewart

MC Free Flow, Wide Set, Crimson Thai, Aunt Flo Ridah, Toxic Shock, hilarious.