Postcoital Depression: When The Afterglow Is An Aftergloom

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For lots of people, sex brings feelings of relaxation and even pain relief, but some people experience a "period of intense depression and irritability after an orgasm."

Dr. Richard Friedman writes in the Times that he initially thought this postcoital depression had a deep-seated cause, perhaps "hidden conflicts about sex" or "ambivalent feelings" toward a partner. But he found that, in several cases, the problem seemed to exist entirely on its own, perhaps as a result of a rebound in the amygdala, the brain's center of fear and anxiety, whose activity is dampened during sex. The solution: antidepressants, which made sex less pleasurable for the affected patients, but also reduced the postcoital "crash." [NYT]

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Erin Gloria Ryan

I don't care how you feel before, during, or after sex, here is my PSA of the day:

FOR THE LOVE OF ISIS, PLEASE EVERY WOMAN WHO IS HAVING SEX KEEP A SUPPLY OF PREGNANCY TESTS ON HAND. I found out today that I am FIFTEEN WEEKS pregnant. I had my period in October and November, while I was supposedly pregnant. I experienced very sporadic nausea that only hit a few times and then went away. I had no idea whatsoever that I was pregnant until I missed my period in December and finally took a test. Now, most doctors won't do the procedure.

I don't care if you have yourself a post coital cry while you piss on that litttle stick. I don't care if you're scared. Do it if you have any inkling whatsoever.

Fuck, don't get fucked.

Thank you.