Post Party Clean Up Service Is One of Best Ideas Ever

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A pair of University of Colorado graduates have started marketing themselves as the "Hangover Helpers." For a fee, the duo will report to your house after a party and clean up, bringing with them breakfast burritos and Gatorade. Fuck. Yes.


As someone who hosted some pretty apocalyptically messy parties in college, I can't believe I didn't think of this.

The Hangover Helpers work in Boulder, home of their alma mater, and will charge $15 per roommate for their services, which is so cheap that it makes me want to cry joyful tears of vodka. I'd pay $15 for someone to bring me a breakfast burrito and Gatorade on a normal day; they wouldn't even have to clean up my house if they didn't want to. Just hand over the food, fellas.


The HH expect an imminent uptick in business, as spring is prime party season at the University of Colorado.

"Who Ya Gonna Call After Party? Hangover Helpers" [CBS]

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That's awesome. I wonder what they would charge to quietly escort ill-advised hook-ups to the door and let them know that, hey, this was great, but y'know, it was a crazy night, and we should probably keep this between us and, uh, also things are really crazy for me right now and I'm going to be busy over the next few weeks, so I won't really be around or available or anything, but hey, you take care.

That's something I would have paid soooooo much money for in college.