Post Malone Is Reopening the Haunted Box That Cursed Him

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Earlier this year, Post Malone and Zak Bagans, a paranormal investigator mostly known for his work with Ghost Adventures, decided to meddle with a box known as “the world’s most haunted object.” They’d had a few beers. They laughed and fiddled with the object, known as a “dybbuk box.” According to Jewish folklore, the dybbuk, a malicious spiritual entity, is intent on possessing a human form to do its evil bidding. They are believed to be the dispossessed souls of formerly living people, different from a demon, which was never a living spirit. This particular box inspired the horror movie The Possession. Okay.

According to Bagans, Post Malone did not directly touch the box; he touched Bagan, who did touch the box, which was enough to trigger a curse, according to him. Post Malone survived a plane crash, followed by a car crash a few weeks later. He ruminated: “God must hate me.” Or... you’re just cursed? Bragans is planning to open the evil box on air, unless he feels the same uneasy energy he felt upon fucking with the box the first time, in which case he will not. In the case of these two versus the haunted box, I am honestly kind of rooting for the box.


Is Kanye “Unhinged”???

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Reports have surfaced claiming that Kim Kardashian believes her husband, Kanye West, to be mentally unwell, or in her words, “unhinged.” In September, Kanye is said to have promised Kim that he would not wear the acrid red MAGA hat again. He wore it, proudly, just a few weeks later, during a visit to the Oval Office for a very strange, sad conversation with Donald Trump. His public antics, including tweeting that he would abolish the amendment that outlawed slavery, have reportedly stoked increasing concern in Kim. There’s no way this marriage survives this presidency!

[Us Magazine] 

Justin Timberlake Wrote a Whole Book About His Marriage

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Justin Timberlake recently authored a book, Hindsight & All the Things I Can’t See In Front of Me, which details his romance with wife Jessica Biel. Justin apparently reveals, among other things, that he and Jessica became exclusive after dating for a month; that the hit song Mirror, is inspired by her; and that she showed him her positive pregnancy test via FaceTime.

[Us Magazine]

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