Possibly-Knocked-Up Beyoncé Cancels Mrs. Carter Tour Date

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With all the hoopla surrounding the Mrs. Carter World Tour, it's big news that a tour date — in Belgium — has been canceled.


In a post on her Facebook page, Beyoncé (or a minion) informed fans that tonight's show would not go on as scheduled; the AP is reporting that the singer "has been advised by her doctors to rest." The official diagnosis? Dehydration and exhaustion.

Of course, TMZ, Twitter and others are convinced that what's really going on is that Beyoncé is pregnant with Beybey No. 2. "Exhaustion" has long been PR code for "something we don't wish to discuss with the media," and if the Queen B — having experienced a miscarriage in the past — is in the early stages of pregnancy, obviously her health comes first. Hopefully, whatever her situation is, it won't be exacerbated by European paparazzi trying to get all up in her uterus. (Insert your own pap smear joke here.)


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I wonder what the reaction would be if she said she was pregnant* and then finished the rest of her tour, minus the extreme dance routines. Like, still with backup dancers and whatnot, but she just stood near the front with a mic and sang and danced along a little. It'd be a bit of a letdown, I'm sure, but would her fans revolt?

*I have not formed an opinion on this rumor yet, but I'm going with it for this scenario.