Possible Holloway Bone Tested While Joran Smokes Weed In Jail

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A jawbone found in Aruba will be tested to see if it belonged to missing American Natalee Holloway — and meanwhile, onetime suspect Joran van der Sloot is reportedly living "like royalty" in a Peruvian jail.


According to CNN, the bone was found near the Phoenix Hotel, one location mentioned by van der Sloot. Testing to determine whether it's human — and if so, whether it's Holloway's — should take about a week. Van der Sloot says he didn't murder Holloway, but he has confessed to the murder of Stephany Flores, and for that he remains in Peru's Castro Castro prison, awaiting trial. Back in September, Holloway's mom Beth Twitty snuck into Castro Castro to confront van der Sloot — the footage from that confrontation is now available as part of a Dutch documentary.

According to ABC, van der Sloot didn't tell Twitty much of anything, saying only, "I've made so many bad decisions for all the wrong reasons... I'm really very addicted to perks, especially gambling. That's why I've told so many lies," and "I've never listened to anyone who's meant well for me." However, Twitty says the interview gave her a sense of closure, taking her to "higher ground."

Not so serene is Flores's dad, who's reportedly angry that van der Sloot is still getting "perks" — in jail. CBS says he gets his own cell, though Castro Castro is overcrowded, in addition to privileges like walking freely in the courtyard and even buying weed. When Holloway disappeared, many people criticized the media's obsession with a white, blond girl when so many other people went missing every day. Now van der Sloot appears to be getting some of the same special treatment — he's become a celebrity suspect the way Holloway was a celebrity victim. Let's hope that, amid all the publicity, he's finally brought to justice.

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I find the jaw bone thing completely suspect.

Just me? I mean it would suggest that he had kept the body in some secured location for a long period of time and then went back and extracted bones. It just seems unlikely.