Porny Pinterest Photos Will Now Be Marked as Spam

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While employing a distressing amount of euphemisms, TechCrunch's John Biggs reported that Pinterest has banned from being a source for user pins. Though Biggs notes that Pinterest does contain some softcore, feathers-and-lace, Red Shoe Diaries porn, it falls short of bodily juices-explicit.

Photos from, which recently announced that it was introducing a "Pinterest for porn," will now be marked as spam on Pinterest, a fact that caused's head of marketing Ian MacNeil to lament a lost opportunity to broaden his website's appeal to women. Questioning Pinterest's apparent prudishness, MacNeil wrote,

We want to know why they banned their adult community from seeing an alternative. Is it as simple as Pinterest is afraid of losing the adult content community despite the fact they do not respect users who use their site for adult content? Or is it that Pinterest does not believe a female audience for is inappropriate?


The "ban" probably has more to do with Pinterest not wanting to let objectionable material run free like gazelle on its site. The internet's a big savannah and there's plenty of room for porn to graze. Ew, that sounds gross.

PornFeud: Claims Pinterest Is Banning Racy Pins [TechCrunch]

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"You got porn in my free range wool Star Wars doilies!"

"You got cruelty-free Amish bee's wax sculptures in my porn!"