Pornhub's main Twitter account, run by their Community Coordinator "Pornhub Katie," sent out a tweet during the Super Bowl Sunday that was very Pornhub in humor but not very appropriate.

After the tweet – which they have not deleted – was sent out, Mother Jones' Ben Dreyfuss wrote in a post about it that included the following directive: "Whoever you are, if you're telling a rape joke, stop it. It's 2014. We really shouldn't have to say this. Just, dear god almighty, stop. They aren't funny. You aren't funny. Stop." Pornhub Katie commented on that post, writing:

Alright Ben, you're right, I feel bad and I'll stop. The tweet wasn't intended to offend anyone, you have to realize my target demographic on twitter isn't the same as say, Mother Jones.


Around the same time, Pornhub Katie was responding to comments on Reddit that had praise for the tweet or were telling a variation of the joke themselves because, as indicated from many other tweets sent last night and during every other sports game where one team has a huge win over another, it was an utterly unoriginal joke. She also wrote "sorry for not being politically correct enough for you" to someone who was unhappy about it and engaged in some light banter with Dreyfuss and others on Twitter.

In a recent Reddit AMA, Brett Hall, the company's VP of Product, said Pornhub doesn't allow videos on the site that deal with, "The illegal stuff, beasts, rape, stabbings, beheadings, executions of political leaders." In response to a question about how many people contact them about removing videos they're in that have been posted to the site without their consent, Pornhub Katie said it was common and that the company takes them down "right away."


The one thing you can say for the company is that they certainly have a specific voice: