Do you experience anxiety upon realizing that you're almost out of Radiolab podcasts? Does every spring cleaning involve discarding at least three complimentary tote bags? Have you ever had a sex dream about Kai Ryssdal (and are you able to spell Kai Ryssdal's name without Googling it)? Then you, public radio addict, are about to be skewered like a Buffalo shish kebob by this Portlandia sketch about NPR superfans.

Per Vulture, the new season of Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen's hilarious but loving send-up of coastal hipster culture Portlandia will premiere its fourth season on IFC on February 27th (the previous 3 seasons are available for streaming on Netflix). But in the meantime, here's this sketch about a pre-Prairie Home Companion tailgate to tide you over.

This seems so specifically targeted at people like me that I don't know whether to laugh or seriously wonder if Carrie Brownstein is hacking my laptop via the NPR player that's running constantly.