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Portlandia's Hilarious NPR Tailgate Is Killing Me Softly

Do you experience anxiety upon realizing that you're almost out of Radiolab podcasts? Does every spring cleaning involve discarding at least three complimentary tote bags? Have you ever had a sex dream about Kai Ryssdal (and are you able to spell Kai Ryssdal's name without Googling it)? Then you, public radio addict, are about to be skewered like a Buffalo shish kebob by this Portlandia sketch about NPR superfans.


Per Vulture, the new season of Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen's hilarious but loving send-up of coastal hipster culture Portlandia will premiere its fourth season on IFC on February 27th (the previous 3 seasons are available for streaming on Netflix). But in the meantime, here's this sketch about a pre-Prairie Home Companion tailgate to tide you over.

This seems so specifically targeted at people like me that I don't know whether to laugh or seriously wonder if Carrie Brownstein is hacking my laptop via the NPR player that's running constantly.

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I love NPR but I all-caps HATE a Prairie Home Companion. It is the worst.