Pope Says Condoms Okay For Women Too

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The Pope recently (kind of) okayed the use of condoms for male prostitutes to guard against HIV transmission — now he's clarified that his stance applies to women too.


According to the AP, Pope Benedict still isn't exactly endorsing rubbers — rather, he's saying that using one "is the lesser evil than passing HIV onto a partner." In a recent book, he used male prostitutes as an example of people who could use condoms, and some thought he meant that the barrier method was only allowed if conception wasn't a possibility. But after talking to the Pope, Vatican spokesman Rev. Federico Lombardi has clarified his position: "This is if you're a woman, a man, or a transsexual. We're at the same point."

Of course, the Pope still condemns gay sex, premarital sex, and artificial contraception (his comments are only about the disease prevention powers of condoms, not that little side effect where they keep you from getting pregnant). However, his new stance is still a big improvement from just a year ago, when he said condoms worsen the spread of HIV.

This spread actually appears to be slowing, possibly as a result of those controversial condoms — a report says there were 2.6 million new infections last year worldwide, down 20% from the epidemic's peak in 1999. And an AIDS drug called Truvada, given preemptively, could reduce the spread even further — men who took it regularly had their risk of infection reduced by 73% (and, interestingly, their rate of risky sex declined, perhaps because of accompanying counseling). All that said, 2.6 million new infections is still 2.6 million too many, and the Pope's voice has a worldwide audience. The Catholic Church is still no bastion of sex-positivity, but his acknowledgment that people of all genders deserve protection from disease is a step in the right direction.

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Kat Callahan

For those of you playing at home, there are between one and two billion Catholics worldwide. Dismissing the possibly life-changing effect of this positions is silly.

I happen to be one of those Catholics, and while I don't agree with every position of the Vatican (and having read doctrine myself, I think I have a good basis for my beliefs), I still very much agree with the hierarchy. My faith is real. That being said, I am often vocal about my opposition to Vatican positions, and I do not feel that makes me any less a Catholic.

The Pope just acknowledged that while the Catholic faith calls for abstinence, it is also a human moral duty not to pass on the disease, and that's a moral duty we can all get behind!

Furthermore, as someone who believes in "gender sphere," to hear Reverend Lombardi acknowledge transexuals as a distinct group is amazing, and something I have been advocating for years.

This is progress. Let's applaud it. Even if you don't agree with my belief in my Sky Person, you can acknowledge that this is my Church going in the correct direction after years of utter stupidity!