The rumors are true! Everyone's favorite pope, Pope John Paul II, will be declared a saint. Also jumping on the sainthood bandwagon is Pope John XXIII.

In order to be anointed a saint, the Vatican must decide that the person in question was responsible for two miracles during their lifetime. The two miracles being attributed to John Paul, who died in 2005, involve healing two different women: he cured one of Parkinson's Disease, and the other had an aneurism that magically went away. According to Reuters, John Paul's "progression to sainthood is the fastest in modern times." Congrats Johnny!

But the big deal is that John XXIII, who died in 1965, is getting his sainthood on even though he only performed one miracle. ONE. In his whole life. The reasoning behind this is, according to the Vatican, because "no one doubts his virtues." NO ONE.

The canonization ceremonies will most likely occur in the late fall. I'd suggest buying your tickets to Rome now and just camping out for a few months because what else is going on?


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Images via the Associated Press