Pope Francis just turned 78. In celebration, a bunch of followers sang happy birthday in several languages and also danced the tango en masse. Just a chill birthday for the chill pope.

Reuters reports from Argentinian pontiff's weekly general audience, when he greets the public. Several priests brought a cake (complete with lit candles!) and a kid handed him a drawing. And then there was the show-stopping dance number, surely a St. Peter's Square first:

At the rear edge of the square, more than 2,000 people who came to Rome from all over Italy for the birthday danced in "A tango for Pope Francis" event as music blared.

"We are here for the pope's birthday. We are dancing the tango as our present to him," said an Italian woman who identified herself only as Linda.

A delegation of homeless men also gave him a bouquet of sunflowers as a thank-you. Makes last year's birthday dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings look pretty sad trombone, honestly.

Image via Getty.