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Poor Pam Doesn't Want to See Jim in Peril in A Quiet Place

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Screenshot: People

Jenna Fischer still has not watched A Quiet Place and perhaps it’s for the best.


In an interview with People, Pam Beesly, otherwise known as Jenna Fischer, said she came this close to seeing A Quiet Place, a movie in which Jim (John Krasinski) shushes 🤫his family members continually. But the thought of seeing Jim in danger gave Pam second thoughts.

“My husband and I were there, and we were ready to buy a ticket, and I got scared,” Fischer told People. “I like scary movies, but this is so weird. I was so scared to see John and Emily [Blunt] in peril, because they are my real friends. I got scared. And so, I’m trying to gear up. And I think I need to go see it during the day.”


Oh, Pam. The movie isn’t scary, per se, but there are nail-biter moments she might want to avoid. Especially when [INSERT SPOILER] happens, which could leave her traumatized.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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Nor did Jim want to see Pam get involved with a the most famous and influential musician of his generation