Poor Leonardo DiCaprio, Felled by a Volleyball

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Please send your best healing wishes to Leonardo DiCaprio, who fought a volleyball and lost. Leo survived, yes, but his dignity did not.


According to Page Six, the man responsible for patenting America’s favorite sex technique was engaging in said sportball game with some buddies in Malibu (nice life) over the weekend, when the volleyball decided to punish him for The Great Gatsby and probably all of his accents and hit him the face.

Here he is, wearing a Mets hat, getting hit in the face:

Volleyballs are surprisingly hard, and it hurts to be hit by one. But the pain of getting smacked in the face by a ball is nothing compared with the pain of supporting the Mets, a team so bad they’re starting to make fun of their own fans for bothering to show up to their games. Leo, rethink this, for your own sake.

[Page Six]

April Love Geary feeds her children Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and she does not care if that makes you mad.

E! Online reports that on Monday, model Geary posted an Instagram photo of Mia Love Thicke, her 16-month-old daughter with Robin Thicke, eating said Cheetos. Commenters went crazy, calling her out for “bad parenting” and decrying the delicious Cheetos as “beyond toxic”:

In response to the post, one Instagram user commented, “Those Cheetos are beyond toxic, she’s just a child! Go read a parenting book.”

After reading this comment, April clapped back, “You’re being toxic for my children.”


I’m in defense of Geary here, perhaps when I was a small child, my parents never let me eat junk food. Now, as an adult, my diet mainly consists of Doritos and bodega candy, while all my friends whose parents let them keep Goldfish crackers in the house seem to have learned how to spiralize vegetables. Which is to say, healthy food is overrated! Feed the babies whatever! Take it from me, the (childless) (very unhealthy) (generally miserable) blogger!

[E! Online]

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Please send your best healing wishes to Leonardo DiCaprio, who fought a volleyball and lost

is it just me, or has there really been a spike in these lately?