Illustration for article titled Poop Emoji Loafers Can Be Yours for a Mere $340

No doubt you've got a few hundred bucks just burning a hole in your pocket. Luckily, there's an absurd luxury clothing collection to relieve you of your unwanted cash. Feast your eyes on a $340 pair of shoes decorated with poop emojis.


It's called "#theshit loafer."

Betabeat reports these stylish shoes are part of the "M'oticons" collaboration between designers Edie Parker and Del Toro, currently available for purchase at Moda Operandi. If walking around with twin smiling piles of shit on your toes doesn't strike your fancy, you can also get a pair decorated with emoji lipstick and heels (#highmaintenance—actual name), emoji glasses of wine or the more traditional sunglasses emoji.


Another fun thing to do with your money is to remove it from the bank in the form of small bills and set them on fire.

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