Poll: White Female Republicans Are the Angriest Americans

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Americans are mad as hell, a new poll finds, and no one describes themselves as angrier than white female Republicans, especially ones approaching retirement age. An NBC News/Survey Monkey/Esquire poll found that 49 percent of Americans are angrier now than a year ago, including 54 percent of white people.


The poll, in which 3,257 picked up the phone and talked about their feelings to a stranger, found that white Republicans are somewhat madder than everyone else:

Whites are the angriest, with 54 percent saying they have grown more outraged over the past year. That’s more than Latinos (43 percent) and African-Americans (33 percent).

Seventy-three percent of whites said they get angry at least once per day, compared with 66 percent of Hispanics and 56 percent of blacks.

The poll also found Republicans are angrier than Democrats. Sixty-one percent of Republicans say current events irk them more today than a year ago, compared to 42 percent of Democrats.

Women are a little madder than men — 53 percent to 44 percent — and fully 58 percent of white women say they’re angrier than they were a year ago, compared to 44 percent of black and Latina women. And, perhaps understandably, people making less than $15,000 a year were angrier than people making above $150,000. Yet more than half of the people polled said their financial situation is “worse off than they thought it would be,” with some citing the fact that it’s “harder to succeed” than it used to be.

Predictably, the things that anger everyone also differ, the poll found: “Republicans rank Congressional dysfunction and consumer fraud as the issues they get angriest about. Democrats rank police shooting unarmed black men as the issue that makes them most mad.” You don’t say.

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A presumably Republican woman, albeit one who admittedly doesn’t look that mad, is autographed by Donald Trump in Manassas, Va. on December 2, 2015. Photo via AP Images



Theory: Facebook makes you angry. The republican grandmas I know are on facebook 24/7 and they’re all sharing propaganda with each other. know how you used to get like one conservative chain email a weeks from them? Now they do like 10 a day in the form of fb posts.