Poll: Plates or Bowls?

Pictured: Me eating out of a plate
Pictured: Me eating out of a plate

Are you eating something off a plate right now? You’re literally insane.

You should be using a bowl. The new bowl trend was first reported in a New York Post piece (discovered via Fusion) titled “Hot, Skinny People Are Ditching Salads for ‘Power Bowls.’” The article reads:

Forget fashion plates. For chic, wellness-conscious New Yorkers, it’s all about healthy, hearty bowls filled with veggies, proteins and flavorful toppings — without an empty calorie in sight. They’re more filling than salads, lower in carbs than sandwiches and popping up on menus around town.


So, you have your bougie specialty meals like salad bowls and sushi bowls. But really, anything can be eaten out of a bowl. A man named Justin Parker tells the Post, “Even if I had the option to eat off a plate, I would eat out of a bowl.” Lily Kunin agrees: “I’ve eaten the same meal on a plate. It just wasn’t that good.”

While I can’t confirm the varying flavors of food on a plate versus a bowl, let me talk about my personal experience with bowls for a minute. I keep no less than seven in my apartment—more bowls than plates, because bowls hold food. Plates only kind of do. Would you eat cereal out of a plate? Soup?

I could go on and on, but just take this bowl poll and argue amongst yourselves. My decision is made.

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Snake Person

let’s just put the wellness nonsense aside and acknowledge that rice and mac n cheese are better from bowls. the two major food groups have voted.