Poll: Other Countries Hate Trump Even More Than We Do

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According to a new Pew Research Center survey, US favorability ratings across the globe have declined “steeply” since a certain paranoid kleptocrat became our beloved leader, far outpacing even his piss-poor domestic approval rating. Who could have possibly, possibly predicted?


According to the Pew survey, a median of 22 percent of people across 37 nations have confidence in Donald Trump’s foreign policy, versus a 64 percent confidence rating at the end of Obama’s presidency. (For comparison, Trump currently has a 39.5 percent domestic approval rating, which is low for a president but fairly high for a half-sentient dinosaur egg.)

Similarly, at the end of Obama’s presidency 64 percent had a favorable view of the US, while just 49 percent are favorably inclined towards us today. Only two countries—Russia and Israel, natch—think more highly of Trump than Obama; Russia, however, sprang up 42 percentage points from 11 percent to 53 percent, while Israel is more confident in Trump by 7 points at 56 percent. By comparison, Sweden had a 93 percent confidence rating in the US under Obama, and a 10 percent rating under Trump. It’s worth noting that this survey was taken before Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Here’s another fun comparison: confidence in Trump to do the right thing regarding world affairs is lower than confidence in Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. 75 percent view Trump as “arrogant,” 65 percent as “intolerant,” 62 percent as “dangerous,” and, somehow, 55 percent as “a strong leader.” Not shockingly, men see the US more favorably than women, with, for example, 58 percent of Australian men viewing the US favorably versus 38 percent of Australian women.

Ah, doesn’t it feel good to be in our comfort zone again? This global pariah is back, baby!

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