Poll: GOP Men Don't Think We Need Any More Ladies In Government

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Fetch the smelling salts, I'm about to pass out from shock — a new poll reveals that there is a big gap in attitudes between liberals and conservatives when it comes to the role women should play in the government. And— surprise of surprises — the group with the least forward-thinking view of all is conservative men.


The poll — from ABC and the new Fusion network, which just debuted this week — showcases a veritable smorgasbord of disagreements between liberals and conservatives, and they're over the exact issues you might suspect. Race, the environment, immigration, and women.

The whole poll's worth a perusal, but for now, here's the most ruefully predictable bit-

That's right — under half of Americans think that more women should be elected to Congress. But that's only because the poll is skewed by a vast majority of Republicans who think it's just fine that only sub-20% of our elected officials are the same gender as 51% of the population. While only 22% of Republican men think electing more women to Congress sounds like a great idea, a slight uptick —24% — of conservative women agreed. In contrast, 54% of liberal men think more women in the halls of government power is a good thing, whereas 69% of liberal women think so. Only 38% of white people think it's a good idea to elect more women to Congress. Jesus Glass Ceiling Shattering Christ. Get it together, white people and dudes.




It's true.

That number — 22% — is staggeringly low.

But two additional numbers from the same poll provide some useful context:

(1) Only 27% of Republican men thought women actually could serve in Congress. Only 27%. The other 73% thought it was against "God's Law" and "the Second Amendment."

(2) Only 31% of Republican women thought they could answer the question without first consulting their husbands. And all but 2% of those women asked the pollsters not to tell anyone what they said.