Poll: Do You Feel the Same as This Woman Staring at Steph Curry?

Steph Curry and his Golden State Warriors made the Cleveland Cavaliers look like a kiddie league team in Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night, beating them in a manner that impressed one particular woman in the stands. So, quick question...

The most significant stat to come out of the Warriors’ victory against LeBron James—and whoever plays with him—was how many times this woman may have thought about what she could do to Steph Curry (i.e. play a good game of Jenga). This nationally televised moment happened between the best player in the NBA and a woman who Twitter immediately identified as model Roni Rose.


The debate in the Jezebel chat room today was simple: Is she you? In addition to being a charming, wildly talented, record-breaking family man with a superstar daughter, is Steph Curry a hot and rare combination of divine physicality? Do you lust? Or do his boyish looks disinterest you?

Remember: We’re dealing with a team here that broke an NBA record by winning 73 games in one season (the best of any team ever) and then proceeded to aggressively will their way back into the Conference Finals against OKC, down 1-3 games, to win the entire series, thus completing another seemingly impossible basketball feat.

We’re also talking about a player who became the league’s first-ever unanimous MVP this year. So this is urgent: Do you feel like the woman in this photo? Is Steph Curry hot or cute and boyish? This isn’t semantics, it’s life or death, so just answer us right now.


Choose wisely.


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