Politician Tells a Reporter She's Very Attractive, But No Comment

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Steve Cohen, a democratic Congressman from Tennessee, has been having a rough time. This week, a paternity test revealed that the child he thought was his illegitimate daughter is actually not his illegitimate daughter. That's the same almost-daughter people had speculated Cohen was having an affair with because he tweeted and then deleted "ilu" at her during the last State of the Union address. But Cohen dug himself even further into a hole today when answered a female reporter's question by telling her that she was "very attractive," but that he had nothing to say about his non-paternity. Yikes.


A recap: for the past three years, Cohen had been living under the assumption that Victoria Brink was his daughter, because he googled her mother and found out she had a child that would have coincided with the time that he'd had a relationship with her. Cohen then contacted Brink and started to get to know her based on that assumption. But CNN apparently decided to do some digging, and discovered that Brink's father is in fact the very man she always thought he was – a Texas oilman. They let Cohen know that his assumption about his newfound daughter was wrong.

"I was overjoyed when I was informed that Victoria was my daughter," Cohen said. "Since then, I have given her my unconditional love and done my best at being a father as I tried to make up for lost time."

So, bro is having a hard time. He thought he had a daughter, and now he doesn't. At least, that's his excuse for why he decided to relay the following comment to RealClearPolitics reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns when she asked him about these recent life changes:



This is maybe the time to take those vacation days you've been saving, Steve.

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You know, I just can't really bring myself to get upset about a guy who is having a rough time of it - especially after everyone lauded him for really going above and beyond to connect with an unknown child. (A belief her mother apparently fostered, for whatever reason.) He made an admitted faux pas, and then immediately (after the presser ended) approached Huey-Burns to apologize. Given that his entire personal life is being dragged out for spectacle, I'm inclined to give a pass. God knows my mental filter slips when I haven't had enough to sleep or the right amount of food for the day - I can't imagine how much it must mess with your brain, learning a young woman you doted on as your daughter for the last three years really wasn't.