Politically Correct Christmas Cards Will Save You From Everything

Tired of stepping in it yet again because your newly converted atheist cousin is no longer celebrating "religious holidays" and you forgot to take him off your Christmas card list? Well, there's a handy-dandy solution for that! Now you can send "politically correct" Christmas cards, to save yourself from all future embarrassment.


Or you can just do what I do, which is scribble "Sry I was too drunk to remember to buy you a card; happy whatever" on a napkin from Jack-in-the-Box, shove it in an envelope, mail it to your mom and ask her to photocopy it for all the other people in your family.

You know, whatever floats your boat!

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Here is an idea that will save you trouble and also do some good. Call your nearest Childrens hospital or cancer hospital and ask if they are selling Christmas cards. They are universally non religious. They are made from drawings collected from pediatric cancer patients. I take care of these kids and they get a thrill out of seeing their art get bought. The money raised goes to child life (art or music projects for these kids) in most cases. So you can send these out to anyone and know that you are both not causing offense (or at least none to any person with a grasp on reality) and do a good thing for sick kids.