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Police Told New Zealand Gang Rape Victim She Was Asking For It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

New Zealanders are outraged over the continued unprosecuted existence of West Auckland's Roast Busters, a selective club for privileged male teens with the world's most disgusting raison d'être — to pick up teen girls, get them drunk, gang rape them, and brag about it on social media.

Police have claimed, repeatedly, that they can't do anything about the group because none of the victims have filed a formal complaint. That's a lie. Two separate 13-year-old girls, among the Roast Busters' first victims, filed complaints with police two fucking years ago.


In case you were spared learning about the group's existence until now, the Roast Busters are a handful of teens who think gang rape is awesome. Among the group's members are the son of a recognizable Hollywood actor and the son of a cop (police initially denied this, but it turns out that this was also a lie). The group was active on social media, posting videos of themselves calling out their victims and speaking disparagingly of the girls' lack of sexual morality (just to clarify, they didn't post videos of the actual rapes themselves). Police have been aware of the group's existence for years and left their active and horrifying Facebook page alone because they say they needed it for "tactical reasons." Thanks to some tireless reporting by the New Zealand media, the group is finally in the line of public ire, but police have been saying they can't do anything because none of the victims has been "brave enough" (actual quote!) to come forward.


According to 3 News, not one, but two of the group's victims filed formal complaints with the police. Both of them were 13 at the time of the attack, and both of them filed reports in 2011. One says she was in a room with three of the boys when they raped her. She was so upset and traumatized by what happened to her that she wasn't able to tell anyone about it for weeks, and then when she did, this happened:

"I had a video interview where I had to act out what had happened with dolls […] It was traumatising."

But, apparently, it wasn't enough. She said she felt like it was her word against the Roast Busters'.

"They said that I didn't have enough evidence to show, because I went out in clothes that was pretty much asking for it. […] I was asked a lot of questions about what I was wearing, and I went out in a skirt.

"If it was me, it could be any of my friends. I knew it would carry on ," she says.

"I can't believe nothing was done then. From then I have had my friends sexually abused by them. How many girls have been raped? I have seen posts done by girls saying Roast Busters ruined their lives […] They've gotten away with so much."

Making a 13-year-old reenact her rape with dolls on video, and then telling her she was asking for it. Great policing. Really tops.

The victim who spoke to 3News says she received an apology via Facebook from one of her attackers, Joseph Parker (the best place to make the most sincere Whoopsie-daisy Sorry About That Rape apologies), who, on the heels of saying he was sorry about all that rape that going to the police would just make it worse.


The girl says she will re-file a complaint with police today.

The cops, who until like 24 hours ago were swearing up and down that no girls had filed complaints, said that actually yeah, they were "thoroughly investigating" the two complaints from 2011 but that they didn't have enough evidence to file any charges. They also say they're investigating the whole "you were kinda asking for it" thing to which one of the victims was subjected.


You'll have to excuse my rage here, but the more New Zealand media uncovers about this story, the more it becomes clear that either Auckland police are the biggest group of bumbling fools in the world or they're complicit in the gang rape of underage girls. And, as much as I wish they were the world's biggest idiots, all signs are pointing to the latter option.

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