Police Searching For Bronx Man Who Groped Six Women In Six Hours


The NYPD is currently searching for a disturbingly efficient Bronx man (suspect pictured above) who went on a sexual assault spree Thursday.

According to the police, his victims ranged from the ages of 28 to 51 and took place in the Baychester and Soundview neighborhoods.

The first attack occurred around 6 a.m. Thursday when the assailant approached a 51-year-old woman from behind on a Baychester street and groped her genitals through her clothing. Fifteen minutes later, the perp violently groped a 32-year-old woman from behind. About an hour later, he attacked a 29-year-old woman the same way.

Then, because no it does not end there, after 8 a.m., the same man assaulted a 31-year-old woman, 15 minutes after that, he attacked a 28-year-old woman and then the “final” attack —because who knows if it actually was— occurred some time around noon, when he groped a 48-year-old woman in Soundview.

Police also have surveillance video of the suspect, a black male in his 20s, roughly 5’10”, wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt and grey sweatpants (see: classy all around), pacing around near one of the corners where he assaulted one of these women.

Which is a terrific place to be if you’re a loose canon who’s been assaulting any and every woman you cross paths with over the course of a few hours with no rhyme or reason, just some seriously fucked up issues and a city full of women who just wanted to get to wherever they were going.

Cops Seek Bronx Man Who Groped Six Women In Six Hours

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