Just in case you had started to believe that the horrifying story of a New York nanny stabbing to death two of the children in her case was simply an awful collective nightmare we had before Hurricane Sandy, here's an update: Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny in question, was charged Saturday with murder.

According to the AP, Ortega had recovered enough from her apparently self-inflicted wounds Saturday to be interviewed by police, who then formally charged her with two counts each of first- and second-degree murder for the stabbing deaths on Oct. 25 of 6-year-old Lucia Krim and her 2-year-old brother, Leo. Though Ortega had come out of a coma last Sunday, police delayed filing formal charges because she was still intubated (which, according to police spokesman Paul J. Browne, is pretty much standard operating procedure).


In an earlier statement to police, Ortega mentioned "friction" in her relationship with her employers, Marina and Kevin Krim, and apparently complainted about having housekeeping duties heaped on top of her childcare duties. Since plenty of people go through the daily grind of living and working β€” which almost definitely includes doing a whole lot of unpaid, one-for-the-team extra work β€” there's probably a little more to Ortega's stabbing motives than a tale of simmering class angst. Police charge NYC nanny in stabbing death of kids [AP via USA Today]

Image via AP