Police Officers Under Investigation for Allegedly Mocking Elijah McClain at Aurora Memorial

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A group of Aurora, Colorado police officers are under investigation for allegedly taking mocking photos at the site where Elijah McClain was restrained by officers in 2019.

In a report from FOX31, activist Candice Bailey said that after speaking with interim police chief Vanessa Wilson she was told the officers in the photos were making fun of and reenacting McClain’s death. CBS Denver reports that sources say the officers were “reenacting the carotid restraint, which was used on McClain.” Wilson has promised to release the photos and details from the investigation once it is complete and FOX31 reports that pre-disciplinary letters were sent to the officers allegedly involved in the photos.

On August 24, 2019 23-year-old McClain was walking home from a convenience store in Aurora when someone called 911 after seeing him wearing a ski mask and waving his arms. When police arrived they tried to handcuff McClain and put him in a carotid hold, then injecting him with ketamine. He then went into cardiac arrest and was taken off life support days after. The site where McClain was restrained has since become a memorial.


The FBI also announced that they have been investigating McClain’s death as a potential civil rights investigation since last year, the Denver Post reports. The FBI is also gathering information about the photos of the Aurora police officers.

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I’m way beyond the point of expecting people not to do racist ass shit but I continue to be astounded by how many people are documenting the racist ass shit they are doing and then showing it to people. What the fuck did you think was going to happen?