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If you're considering "consensually memorializing" your "love and affection for one another by recording a series of sexually explicit videos and pictures on a cell phone" — i.e. sexting — watch out for the cops. Who just might steal them.


A lawsuit filed in Stamford, Connecticut alleges that after Officer Michael Presti arrested William Vasilakos for a breach of peace charge two years ago, the policeman then forwarded to himself and one other person the sex videos and photos on Vasilakos' phone. There were eight messages in all.

The officer had no right to even seize the phone for his personal use, let alone send its contents to himself, but it's hard not to giggle at the quote from Vasilakos' lawyer: "They were deeply in love and they had memorialized that love in a way that they thought was appropriate, and the officer treated them like a couple of porn stars."


But the point isn't the alleged love and affection — even people acting like "a couple of porn stars" shouldn't have their property stolen through abuses of power. In the meantime, Vasilakos might consider password protection on his phone. It's another form of safe sex.

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