Police Find Woman Pushing Dead Child in Playground Swing

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Maryland police were called to a park on Friday morning to find what could have been a terrifying scene from a horror film. A woman was there, pushing her dead 3-year-old son in one of the swings. She may have been at the playground for hours, or possibly since the previous day. Her identity has not been released to the public.

Deputies from the Charles County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Wills Memorial Park at around 7 a.m. on Friday after witnesses noticed the woman had been pushing the toddler in the swing for an abnormally long amount of time. According to AP, officers removed the boy from the swing to perform first aid, but it was clear the child was already deceased. Diane Richardson, a spokeswoman with the sheriff’s office, said they are investigating what the 24-year-old woman was doing the few days leading up to the incident.

The cause of the child’s death has yet to be determined. While there were no visible signs of trauma on the body, foul play has not been ruled out. The woman was taken to a local hospital for a medical evaluation. Police are also trying to locate the child’s father.


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This isn’t the least bit creepy to me. Maybe because I’m a mom? The second I read the headline I had the deepest, nauseating heartbreak for that woman. My kid is 5 and if he died... I legitimately think I might have a similar break with reality, lord knows I deal with disassociation and such as it is. I have no, no, no idea how all our ancestors managed this without them all snapping. Contrary to common belief, they were NOT hardened to it (how can anyone ever be?) and this happened so frequently. But I guess when you still have 7 other kids to take care of, you manage to go through the motions and since you’re just a woman no one cares too much. :\ :\

But, if there was no foul play involved, I am so heartbroken for her and I hope she’s able to get the help she needs... though to even come out of that and have to deal with the loss.... it almos seems cruel to wish that on someone..