Police Disagree On Number Of L.I. Serial Killers

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Authorities have confirmed that the remains found last week on Long Island's South Shore are those of 24-year-old New Jersey woman Shannan Gilbert. Though this is a major breakthrough in the case, officials are now openly clashing over what they believe happened to the 10 people whose bodies were found during the search for Gilbert.


Months ago authorities said they believed they were looking for two or even more serial killers who used the same area as a dumping ground. Then Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said they were actually only tracking one serial killer. He reiterated that theory at a press conference last week, then minutes after he left the podium, District Attorney Thomas Spota said he disagrees and still believes there are multiple murderers. Spota said even some detectives working the case disagree with Dormer, and added that he was wrong to say all of the victims were sex workers or their relatives when five victims haven't been identified. "We don't even know who these people are," he said. The dispute is probably over because hours later it was announced that Dormer is being replaced with a new interim commissioner.

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I am calm, but thanks

Did anyone watch the recent 48 hours on this? When that douch bag commissioner? said that Shannan Gilberts death didn't appear to be a murder, my jaw dropped. His theory.....

She went to a John's house.

She called 911 in a panic stating "they are trying to kill me"

She ran to a neighbors house for help, the neighbor called 911

Then she maybe went to another house (hard to say what happened at this point)

Then she ran into the wetlands, threw down her cell phone, threw down her purse, her jeans fell off

Then she ended up confused, pantless, and drowned.

No foul play here.

Wish I could find the interview on youtube.