Point-Missing Dudes Declare Occupy Wall Street's Women 'Hot'

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Since the Occupy Wall Street protests began in mid-September, participants fed up with corporate greed's influence over the American government (and a litany of other progressive pet peeves) have worked to get attention and recognition. And they are; the movement has garnered global press coverage. Now, it seems, a new group of people are paying attention to the protesters: horny dudes who have noticed that the chicks at Occupy Wall Street are like totally hot. I'll take "completely missing the point" for 400, Trebek.


Lots of people have noticed the physical attractiveness of the activists. It's practically a meme at this point.

Says a blogger called Zenie 62, in a post about how he doesn't really get what they're protesting,

The Occupy Wall Street Movement has something the Tea Party could never claim to have: hot chicks at its protests quoting Goethe. This woman, photographed by David Shankbone during the protest at Wall Street, looks like a cross between Laura Croft and Norma Jean.

Some weirdo who I'm sure considers himself a "nice guy" took a 4 minute long video of a bunch of women at the protest, filming them as they talked and creepily zooming in on their hair or features or earrings as they passionately enumerated their reasons for camping out in Zucotti Park. Watch it if you, like me, have always wondered what the world looks like to a hormonal 14 year old boy who just discovered women. Someone else has started an entire tumblr dedicated to the hot chicks of Occupy Wall Street. Many of the pictures look like they were taken without the subjects' knowledge or consent.

I'm sure the creators of the video and blogs think that they're complimenting these women, that the hot ladeez of OWS would be glad to know that someone is acknowledging that, contrary to the billion-times-debunked theory that all female protesters look like Yetis, someone actually wants to fuck them. But this sort of "I can't believe it's not ugly!" attitude toward female protesters is not a compliment; it's patronizing, especially considering the peeping tom-ness of some of the photos and commentary. These women are at OWS for the purpose of voicing dissent, not being evaluated. It's like walking into a dissertation defense and being told your ideas are a little goofy, but you've got great legs, and with your star power and my know-how, we're gonna get you all the way to the top, kid!

Women who choose to protest are not there to be hot. They're there to change minds. And failing to listen to their message because you're distracted by their impeccable cheekbones isn't a boon to the movement; it's just annoying horndoggery.

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That video is beautifully shot, and if it weren't for the title, I would find it highly feminist and empowering.