Plus-Sized Model Robyn Lawley Models Her Own Swimsuit Designs in Cosmo

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Robyn Lawley is an extremely beautiful plus-sized model (remember: a plus size model is not necessarily the same thing as a plus-size woman) who recently stood up to some horrible goblin denizens of the Internet who criticized her for not possessing a made-up body feature. Here she is in forthcoming December of Cosmopolitan Australia modeling her own line of swimwear, which runs from size 10 to size 22.


Although the designs are technically plus-sized, Lawley takes issue with the term. In an interview with Fashionista earlier this year, she said that the bathing suits were designed with herself and her friends in mind: "You know, we’re not plus-sized girls, we’re normal sized girls. So the swimwear in my mind is really being designed for the average sized woman, not the ‘plus-sized’ woman." She added, "It’s okay in the fashion world referring to us booking models, but in the regular world I shouldn’t be called a ‘plus-size’ at all."


She looks absolutely amazing.

[H/T Fashion Gone Rogue]

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Official Witch of Los Angeles

Whether or not this is "plus sized," I can tell you one thing: I actually feel really, really good about my body after seeing these pictures. I pretty much look like this (albeit shorter) — right down to the little back roll.

If three pictures in one article can make one woman feel good about her appearance, think of what restructuring the modeling world so that more models represent this wide range of body types could do to self esteem EVERYWHERE.