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Plump Pussies Help Pinch Pennies

Illustration for article titled Plump Pussies Help Pinch Pennies

An animal shelter in Ohio is adopting out its fattest kitties to would-be cat owners with more space in their homes and hearts than in their wallets.


Faced with an overabundance of fat felines, The Capital Area Humane Society is giving adopters a discount on cats carrying around a little extra poundage. The normal adoption fee is $70, but you can take home a fat cat for a mere $15, or $20 for two.

The biggest cat currently available at the shelter is a 6 year old, 23 pound purr factory named Zebe.


On a personal note, if you're thinking about getting a cat, please consider adopting an adult, or a fat one like those in the Ohio shelter. Also consider the fact that what most cats want to do is murder everything in the world, and thus a fat cat who isn't in the very best of shape would be less likely to successfully murder you than an athletic kitten-y type, who will use their needle-sharp teeth to eat your soft tissue first.

Ohio Animal Shelter Puts Fattest Cats on Discount [CBS]

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Little Green Frog

And I thought mine was chubs at 11 lbs... We feed her low fat Science Diet, but I think the problem is that she eats her share and my other kitty's.