More maimed patients have come forward to corroborate an accusation that a transsexual woman posing as a doctor has been going around injecting toxic chemicals into people's posteriors.

CBS reports that 30-year-old Oneal Ron Morris has been released on bond after being charged with inflicting serious bodily injury and and practicing medicine without a license— but wait, there's more!

Morris allegedly charged the original complainant $700 to give them the ass of their dreams and injected them with flat tire sealant, cement, and mineral oil, because men's anacondas don't want none unless you've got a tire in your pants, hon. Police now say that others have come forward with similar stories.

Lesson to learn from this: don't let people inject unnecessary things into your ass. You can do side bends and situps, but please don't enhance that butt.


Report: More women claim fake Fla doc gave them cement butt injections [CBS]

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