Please Water These Celebrities' Very Thirsty Christmas Trees

Holly jolly season is upon us or, as my colleague, Megan Reynolds so aptly puts it, “Ding, dong. Bing, bong.” You know what that sound means! That’s right, that’s the sweet sound of celebrities getting into the holiday spirit (and the spirit of one-upping their peers) by uploading pictures of their enormous Christmas trees to social media.

Usually these pictures involve stars standing on a step-stool next to these monstrosities as if they had decorated the trees themselves. (No judgement—if I could hire someone to put my ornaments, aka pipe cleaners that I bent to look like candy canes, on my tree I would.) Sometimes you can spot a fun theme like “gold” or “SponCon.” But one thing is for sure—these trees are big, beautiful, and battling for your attention.

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite celebrities’ thirstiest trees this year:

J. Lo and A-Rod

The star is already on this tree making it very suspect that they are actually “decorating” here, rather than just lightly grasping at ornaments that have already been hung.


Kylie Jenner

Gold is the theme. Can you tell?

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland sticks a branch back into this tree, which I, personally, did not know was a thing so I am blown away.


Reese Witherspoon

Reese is using her dog as an ornament, which is cheating.


Kelly Ripa

I have nothing more to say about Kelly Ripa’s plump-ass tree other than I love it!!


Megan Davison

Davison, who is married to English football star Jordan Pickford, may not be the star of this list, but her tree constructed from the souls of a hundred dead animals certainly is.


Joanna and Chip Gaines

Joanna and Chip have not one, but two trees, one of which is 13-feet-tall. We get it, you love Christmas!


Bethenny Frankel

This tree has a “B” for Bethenny. It’s Bethenny’s thirsty tree and we’re just living in it.


Busy Philipps

Honestly, if you can make money and get someone to do your Christmas decorations for you, why not?


US Consumer Product Safety Commission

This tree is literally, very thirsty. Please water.

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I know this is a corny ass comment but for my tree in my home i like the ornaments we’ve collected over the years, the tacky ornaments the kids made at school, and a few simple strands of white lights. I don’t need my tree to have a “theme” or look like a holiday display in the lobby of Macy’s.

Also, I guess these thin pencil trees are very trendy this season (according to my step sister, my mother in law, and Costco) but I like my tree nice and thicc.