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Please Stop Sharing Photos of Your Engagement Ring on Facebook Without Any Context

Illustration for article titled Please Stop Sharing Photos of Your Engagement Ring on Facebook Without Any Context

"OMG, can I see the ring!?"

That's probably the first (or second, or third) thing you squeal when someone you know announces her engagement, right? Even if it's just out of a ritualized awkwardness? (What else are you supposed to say other than "Congratulations!!" if you're not that close?)


So it makes some sense that stand-alone engagement ring Facebook updates are a thing. But do they have to be? "Call it the context-free diamond," Chloe Angyal quips in an excellent piece at The Cut. "Even if the stones are ethically sourced, the status update is irksome."

Are these digital ring-bearers just seeking an easier way to spread the news? That's what some of Angyal's Facebook friends said: the ring pics are prompted by a mixture of convenience and pride. Are we allowed to be annoyed? She thinks so:

So is showing off the ring a good thing or a bad thing - or a bad thing we're allowed to do, anyway? If wedding preparation is the time an adult woman is allowed to indulge, then perhaps her engagement marks the beginning of a phase of socially acceptable material-driven self-centeredness. If that's the case, the context-free diamond is a loud, irksome way to announce that beginning.


We concur.

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[The Cut]

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I've always wondered how women feel on the morning after their wedding. Special princess day has come and gone, and now, there's only the actual marriage to look forward to.