Please Meet This Very Good, Very Fat Pig

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Screenshot: New York Post

Twiglet might technically be a pig, but for the majority of her life, she’s lived like an unhealthy, pampered human. Like a human, Twiglet slept on a mattress indoors, ate Chinese food and pizza, and is mostly potty trained! Unfortunately, Twiglet’s owner died in August, and now, it’s time for Twiglet to get her life together.


According to the New York Post, Twiglet is 5-feet-long, but she weighs around 420 pounds, meaning it took six rescuers to successfully extricate her from the home where she lived with her owner in the U.K. She’s since been relocated to the Peppers Field Equine & Poultry Rehabilitation Centre, where she still gets to sleep on a mattress and under heat lamps because she’s not used to being outside in the cold.

Perhaps the most charming thing about Twiglet is that she sleeps spooning a much smaller stuffed pig.

I am sad for Twiglet that she no longer gets to live on her own mattress indoors, but glad that she’s being taken care of in her new home—she’s already lost like 20 pounds because no one is letting her eat chocolate or takeout. Long live Twiglet!


You call him “fat,” I just call him “calorically embiggened.”

I remember going to the state fair as a young kid and seeing “The World’s Biggest Pig.”  He was lying down and couldn’t have stood if he wanted to.  I remember thinking even then that it was the most depressing and saddest thing I’d ever seen.  :(